Cafe Menu (Lunch time only)

Scone. served with jam and cream  $3


Banana bread (GF)  $5


Soup of the day. Choice of cauliflower blue vein soup or creamy pumpkin $10


Turkish Bread and trio of dips. Wholemeal and toasted topped with parmesan cheese $15


Steak pie $8

            With mash and peas $15

            or chips $14


Sweet potato wedges. Served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream $10 


Garlic bread or Cheesy bread $8


Plate of chips. Beer battered with tomato or BBQ sauce $6


Beef lasagne. Home made. Served with salad & chips $20


Moroccan Chicken Salad. (GF)   With sun dried tomato, olives and feta cheese $20

Vegetarian Gourmet Pizza.

Three cheeses, spinach, onion, capsicum, olives, marinated artichokes, garlic confit, baby bocconcini and feta $20

Gluten free $22


Gourmet Bacon or Chicken Pizza. Choice of bacon or chicken. Topped with three cheeses, spinach, olives, onion, capsicum and feta cheese $20

Gluten free $22

Mini Rib Fillet. 150g with red wine gravy served with salad (GF)  and chips $20


Paper wrapped prawns (6)
            with dipping sauce. $15

            With salad and dipping     sauce $18


Steak sandwich. 150g in cheesy Turkish bread with onion, lettuce, tomato and chips $20


Pacific rock oysters 

Kilpatrick half doz $22

Natural half doz (GF) $18


Dinner Menu 


Wholemeal Turkish bread topped with parmesan cheese and toasted with trio of dips.  $15


Traditional garlic bread or cheesy bread.  $8


Pacific rock oysters  

Natural half doz (GF) $18

Kilpatrick half doz $22


Soup of the day (GF) $10


Paper wrapped prawns served with garden salad and a duo of dipping sauce (aioli and honey soy) 

Entrée  $18          main  $36


Chicken satay skewers (GF) with traditional peanut sauce served on rice with seasonal salad or vegetables. Entrée  $16         main  $30

Fresh rice paper wrapped salmon salad (GF) on Vietnamese noodles $20




Vegetarian filo roll Roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta cheese. Served with salad and sweet potato wedges. $24


Vegan option (GF) curried lentils, quinoa, beans, chick pea patties with chutney.  Served with salad and lemon lime dressing.  $18


Portuguese chicken Fillets of chicken breast grilled and tossed into mild peri peri sauce and presented on puff pastry shell with seasonal salad. $30


Crumbed wild caught Spanish mackerel served with salad, chips, aioli and lemon wedge.   $28


Grilled salmon served with seasonal salad, sweet potato wedges, lemon sliced and aioli. $32


Seafood combo crumbed coconut prawns, goujon of fish,  scallop, calamari rings, salt and pepper squid, natural oysters.  Served with salad and chips, aioli and lemon.  $36


Seafood chowder home-style hearty potato and tomato chowder filled with pieces of fish, green prawns, calamari, scallopsand mussels.  $36

Seafood marinara Green prawns, fish, calamari, scallops, mussels tossed in fettuccini. $36


Rack of lamb (GF) on mashed potato with salad and chips or seasonal vegetables with red wine sauce.  $39


Lamb rump (GF) Indian armitsari-style lamb served with pulses pattie, roasted pumpkin and seasonal vegetables $36

Eye fillet (GF) prime cut, cooked to your liking served on creamy mashed potato topped with garlic & herb butter log, garlic confit and seasonal vegetables $38




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